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SISAL Academic Unit


Sisal Academic Unit of the Institute of Engineering at UNAM is located on the Sisal campus of UNAM, in Sisal, Yucatan. It was created in June 2009, starting activities in September of that year at its temporary offices in Merida, Yucatan. It currently consists of a research group that integrates the Laboratory of Coastal Engineering Processes (LIPC). It is estimated that the laboratory at the Academic Unit of Sisal will begin operations during the first half of 2011 once the construction of the facilities is finished.

Research lines have grown in the group studying coastal processes taking place at the interface between sea, land and air, including open ocean, continental reefs, beaches, estuaries and bodies of semi-enclosed water. The aim of the studies being done is to contribute to the conservation and use of the diverse and fragile coastal environments through basic and applied research. In particular through field experiments, physical modeling and numerical modeling, addressing topics such as wave generation and transformation, propagation and transformation of tides as they approach the coast, sediment transportation, coastal erosion as well as other issues related to coastal environments.

The LIPC is integrated as a complement to the Campus Sisal, where there are research groups in the School of Sciences and the School of Chemistry, all of which are dedicated to coastal zone studies.