The Institute of Engineering gives special importance to its task of educating specialized personnel. Undergraduate and postgraduate students benefit by both completing their education through research in engineering and by the results of their research projects. Students' activities at the Institute of Engineering include their social service, writing their theses, and participating in postgraduate internships and research projects, just to mention a few.

In order to carry this out, the Institute has its own scholarship program: the Institute of Engineering Scholarship Program (PBII) that complements other programs currently in place at the National Autonomous University of Mexico , CEP scholarships (formerly DGEP) or Federal Government scholarships, and CONACyT scholarships. These scholarships are granted to full-time students that meet the eligibility criteria provided for in the corresponding official announcements.

Postgraduate Education
One of the main goals of the Institute is to train researchers and specialized personnel by carrying out research...

Scholarship Program (PBII)
The Institute of Engineering has established a Scholarship Program (PBII) aimed at developing cutting-edge specialized engineers, as well as bolstering research, education and professional practice.
Eligible Students
In this section, the Institute researchers announce the eligibility criteria to participate in their research projects...

Foreign Students
Foreign students studying their Bachelor of Science, Master’s or Doctorate degrees may play an active role at the Institute of Engineering...