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Foreign Students



What must I do to obtain a student's permit in Mexico? You must ask the Mexican Institute of Immigration (Instituto Nacional de Migración or INM) for an international student's permit, for which you must prove that you have applied for enrollment and that you have funds to support yourself during your stay.

For specific information, refer to the requirements section or visit any of the INM offices in the country.


General guidelines for migratory procedures

Migratory services can be accesed in the INM's 32 regional offices and in their respective regional and local under-deputations.

The foreign student or his/her legal representative must use the Migratory Procedure Application (Solicitud de Trámite Migratorio) format and fulfill the requirements.

All documents (original and copy) must be submitted to the migratory authority. All original documents will be returned to the applicant, except for letters addressed to the Instituto Nacional de Migración.

Documents issued abroad (except for passports, identity and travel documents), must be annotated by the issuing country's governmental authority or legalized by the corresponding Mexican consulate, in which case they must be translated into Spanish by a certified translator.

If the applicant uses the services of a legal representative, the representative must accredit him/herself with a power of attorney signed by the applicant and submit copies of valid identity documents (signed and with a photograph) of both the applicant and his/her legal representative.

The INM will issue a resolution based on the discretionary power allowed by the General Population Law (Ley General de Población), its statutes and other legal arrangements; this resolution will be executed by the Institute's officials according to operative agreements. Applicants who meet the requirements will obtain a resolution within the legal procedure time (35 days), although this answer will not necessarily be positive.

The migratory authority will observe the procedure times to make indications to the applicant described in Article 17-A of the Federal Administrative Procedure Law (Ley Federal de Procedimiento Administrativo).

Letters addressed to the Instituto Nacional de Migración must enclose a valid identity document (signed and with a photograph) of the sender and, in case of foreign applicants, a migratory document.

Requested documents:

1. Official Immigration Application format

. Valid passport

3. Proof of enrollment in the institution in which the applicant intends to study (it must be an officially accredited school), or

4. Letter from the non-accredited institution (with the school’s letterhead and signed by a school authority) that certifies the applicant’s enrolment.

. In any case, the document must specify the applicant’s intended level, degree, period of time or course of study.

Letter to the Instituto Nacional de Migración, in Spanish and signed by the applicant, stating the applicant’s intended level and course of study and the institution in which he/she intends to study.

The applicant must prove, to the migratory authority’s satisfaction, that he/she has periodical and uninterrupted means of support (bank account statement, consular validation, scholarships).

To request authorization to receive payment for professional practices and social service, the applicant must present a letter from his/her school proving that such activities are part of the program.

Requirements for enrollment in a Master’s or Doctoral program in engineering:

Requirements for enrollment for a postgraduate degree in computer science or computer engineering.

Requirements for enrollment in the Master’s or Doctoral program in urban planning.