The UNAM Institute of Engineering (II-UNAM) is Mexico’s most productive research center in diverse branches of engineering. Our community is made up of 93 researchers, 95 academic technicians, 409 scholarship holders at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels and 184 clerical workers. Its facilities include 13 buildings on the UNAM campus, in Mexico City, comprising 20,000 m2 of laboratories, cubicles, common areas, and an auditorium.

The Institute’s policy has always been to conduct research aimed at solving general engineering problems, to collaborate with government and private entities to improve the national engineering practice, and to render engineering services to different sectors of our society. The Institute has focused on disseminating the result of its research projects to contribute to the national development and the well being of society.

Therefore, some projects are financed with UNAM funds and others are financed through research contracts executed with private companies and corporations, at their request. Consequently, the II-UNAM is widely recognized.

To contribute to the national development and the people's well being through engineering research, education and a close connection with the community.

The Institute of Engineering has its origin in several initiatives taken by the University, University graduates working in the industry, and the 1940’s governments. The first attempt to found the Institute was in 1944
Visiting the Institute
The Institute of Engineering at UNAM (IIUNAM) has a guided visitors program for schools or academic groups from all over the country and from abroad.
Since its origin, the II-UNAM has been consistent with its founders' ideals, which has given birth to the most important academic project for engineering research in the country. The former is largely due to the observance of the following institutional values.
To do basic and applied research; preferably aimed at solving national problems.
Institute of Engineering, UNAM campus, Coyoacán, México 04510, D.F.; Telephone: (52 + 55) 56 23 36 00; Fax (52 + 55) 56 16 2894 // Torre de Ingeniería (Engineering Tower) (52 + 55) 26 23 35 00....