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Social Service


Every year, the General Direction for Guidance and Educational Services (DGOS) of the UNAM, extends a cordial invitation to participate in the opening or renovation of social service programs at the Institute of Engineering and through the website of the Academic Secretary invites students through the Institute's Advisory System.

For existing programs in the UNAM students can access the following link:

Currently, the Academic Secretary logs in the information to the Automated Information System of Social Service (SIASS).

After entering information into the system, DGOS will request to print the document in order to verify the information entered and the commencement or renewal of a program. The printed version of the letter to incorporate and register signatures must be forward to the Academic Secretary in order to obtain the appropriate signature, seal and authorization.

During 2011, the Engineering Institute approved 37 programs by the DGOS that reflect the various disciplines and fields of engineering, which are: structures and materials, applied mechanics, geotechnical engineering, engineering seismology, seismic instrumentation, roads land, water and environmental engineering, environmental bioprocess engineering, industrial and environmental processes, electrical and computer, instrumentation, mechanical and energy systems engineering and computer systems.